Alligator Courage

The author, in a small boat on a storm-tossed river containing alligators (caimans) in Guyana, shows us the power of Psalm 121.

Prophetic Faith

A modern-day, 2010 Prophet Habakkuk argues with God and offers us possibly the greatest stimulus for victorious living in all of Scripture.

"Cloud 9" Hope

Miracles do happen. The author describes true contemporary miracles and urges you to actively participate in your miracles happening!

Radical Love

A close relative self-destructs on drugs. How are you being tested? Learn how to do "radical supernatural love." The apostle Paul takes us on this journey.

Your Holy DNA

Tap into your holy DNA that carries wonderful spiritual resources. The author tells you how! Old things pass away and behold you become new creations in Christ Jesus!

Spiritual Blind Dates

You never know when God will put you in a particular place, at a particular time, with a particular person, for a particular reason. Get ready to walk through doors of opportunity! God used a dog on Dr. Johnson.

Hot Tips from the BIG Bailout!

Jesus put 100 percent of his skin into rescuing us from our toxic assets. Grace supplied it...don't deny it! Read about the biggest bailout in history.

Harmony Shout-Out

If God can use the banjo to transcend race, color, culture and nationality, America needs to celebrate the roots of harmony within all humanity. God promises us a blessing of life forevermore for practicing harmony.

Kindness/Vitamin K

Kindness produces ripple effects of good works, like a stone thrown into a lake makes ripples on the water. Kindness is a doorway into the Kingdom of God. Find out how a young girl in scripture is a perfect example for us to use this gracious gift.

Joy--A Yummy Recipe

Discover how a pineapple-upside-down-cake can change your life! "Taste and see that the Lord is good" every day (Psalm 34).

Obedience and Almighty Momentum

God never calls us to a place where we have to retreat. Learn how Momentum and a boy scout's ugly red race car actually won out over hundreds of competitors in a huge pinewood derby. Then learn how heaven's momentum saved a nation on the brink of collapse and how it can deliver you.

Strides to Victory &The Holy "Yet"!

The Creator wonderfully crafted us to run upon our "high hills" as the Prophet Habakkuk instructs. Discover how this ancient wise "voice for the Lord" rode to victory upon the Holy "Yet"!

Sermonic Epilogue: "We Win!"

The book of Revelation is a reminder that through faith in Jesus Christ, believers can rest assured that in the end--we win! Relive the wonder and amazement of the apostle John at Patmos. It's a powerful lesson to Americans beseiged by problems and conflicts today. Read and overcome the world with Jesus the Christ!

Appendix--God's Salvation Plan Today!

Bible-Based Spiritual Stimulus Plan
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